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New Seminar!
Astrology & Spirituality:
Introduction to Astrology

2024 update:
This class is currently being developed
and is planned to take place later this year.

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Seminar will be held at Mark’s office located at:
310 1/2 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA 95959

Welcome to Astrology by Mark. Transpersonal Astrology is a system of Self-exploration that provides deep awareness, insight, and understanding into the nature of one’s self and one’s life.  The system essentially provides a symbolic “map of consciousness.”  Like any good map, Transpersonal Astrology can offer a clear sense of direction, overall perspective, and a detailed analysis of the terrain being observed.  Applied with skill and knowledge, astrology can show in great detail a person’s most direct path forward in life. It can reveal in great clarity the path of least of resistance leading to realizing one’s potentials and goals, enjoying clearer understanding, and enjoying greater wholeness, authenticity and well-being.  Transpersonal Astrology can give insight into specific life areas such as relationships, health, and career issues.  It can also illuminate and provide answers to wider ranging questions such as, “What am I here to do?”, “How can I feel better?”, “Why do I keep dealing with?”, “Why do I keep having to deal with the same issue over and over?”, “Should I pursue this opportunity or consider another option?”.

In Transpersonal Astrology, the planets, signs, and houses of traditional astrology come alive to form a symbolic language of consciousness offering a wealth of information regarding a person’s inner and outer motivations, drives, and desires.  Whereas traditional astrology tends to negate freewill and is literal, deterministic, and oftentimes even fatalistic and contradictory, transpersonal astrology is about wholeness and synthesis of the Self.  Transpersonal Astrology does not attempt to predict who a person is or what they will decide to do.  It is your choice how you incorporate the knowledge presented in your chart.  Transpersonal Astrology can open the doorway to deep insight, awareness, inner answers, and direction to help you focus and use your freewill and choices in life in the most effective, successful, and harmonious way. It also shows the most likely areas and causes of potential challenges, blocks, and obstacles, and how to most directly resolve otherwise confusing and seemingly unresolvable conflicts.  Innate talents and natural abilities, and how and where to most directly apply them in life are all included.

Transpersonal Astrology is a positive, empowering tool for self-awareness, inner understanding, and healing of one’s self and one’s life.  It’s about getting in touch with and working with one’s Self more fully and consciously, and in harmony with personal cycles and natural rhythms.  This direction is extremely valuable when a person is at a difficult, trying, or challenging time or crossroads in their life.  Transpersonal Astrology can provide the clarity and perceptive needed to help move through difficult or challenging times with grace and wisdom.  During such times, Transpersonal Astrology is especially useful because it can show how to most directly make a healthy response to seemingly impossible, insurmountable, unyielding, or unresolvable problems or issues.

Transpersonal Astrology is also referred to as archetypal astrology, depth astrology, and astrological psychology.  Astrological psychology is the study of the psyche (the innermost Self, soul, or core personality) using astrology [Latin ps[ymacr]che, from Greek psukhe, soul].  The purpose is to facilitate the “healing of Soul” (or psyche) in the form of helping a person rediscover and reconnect with meaning and deeper purpose within themselves and their life.

Transpersonal Astrology IS:
•  A powerful tool for knowing oneself better
•  An art and science of understanding consciousness
•  About helping people live fuller, healthier lives
•  A method of Self-exploration that supports inner healing and transformation
•  About facilitating healing and providing direction, perspective and awareness

Transpersonal Astrology is NOT:
•  Based on faith or belief in things outside yourself
•  Pessimistic, deterministic, rigid or fatalistic
•  About predicting who a person is or what they will do
•  About predicting the future, imposing fate, or limiting personal freedom