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Introduction to Astrology

This class is currently being developed
and is scheduled to take place later this year.

Nevada_City_Astrology_ClassOverview:  This comprehensive one-day seminar invites you on an engaging journey of Self-discovery. Through learning astrology, you will be exploring yourself and your life in ways that are uniquely uplifting and inspiring. You will explore and come to know the archetypal energies at work within yourself and how they are shaping your life. The discoveries that await you will empower positive change, healing and transformation in yourself and your life.

Astrology provides an energetic road map that can be used in a number of helpful and practical ways, for yourself and others. This course teaches you how to read the map to successfully navigate the lessons, challenges, and opportunities in your life.

Introduction to Transpersonal Astrology is a one-day seminar that provides participants with an in-depth focus and near-personal attention on discovering and learning the art and science of astrology. The class is ideal for anyone interested in delving into astrology in order to do effective readings and astrological counseling for family members and friends, or on a professional basis. Students of the seminar will be provided a solid foundation upon which to build, evolve, and develop their abilities as astrological counselors for many years to come. Practicing therapists and holistic/alternative healers interested in incorporating the value and benefits of astrology into their practice will find this course especially rewarding!


  • Seminar size of 15 students ensures you receive near-personal attention to help you get the most out of the class.
  • Experienced guide and teacher. Mark has over 20 years of experience as a transpersonal astrologer and spiritual counselor. Mark’s depth and span of knowledge and experience greatly empower his classes, offering content and insight not found anywhere else. Mark has received graduate-level training in transpersonal psychology, holistic studies, and astrology.
  • Affordable tuition. Course fee includes all printed class materials and handouts,  including charts. Introduction to Transpersonal Astrology is one of the most affordable, effective, efficient, and engaging ways to learn astrology.
  • Multi-faceted teaching style allows students to more easily learn astrology and remember what they have learned.
  • Through experiential learning, you personally come to know and understand yourself and your life more clearly as a result of participating in the seminar.

Time, Place, & Fee

  • Location:  310 1/2 Broad Street, Nevada City, CA.  Located above the Earth Store in downtown Nevada City.
  • Date & Time:  Pending.
  • Fee:  $150 with pre-registration ($175 at the door). Includes charts, handouts, and materials. Credit cards accepted.
  • How to Register:  E-mail or call Mark to reserve your place today. Once reserved, payment can be made over the phone using a credit card, or you can mail or drop payment by Mark’s office at 310 1/2 Broad Street in Nevada City. Additional payment options, such as PayPal and Venmo, are also available.

Phone: (530) 274-2020

  • Note: Room size is limited to 15 students. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.

PDF seminar outline coming soon!

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