How Is Astrology Useful in Everyday Life?


In astrology, Mind and Sky are one. Everyday life is, by design, a subjective experience. To understand everyday life, you cannot separate the inner life from the everyday life happening “out there.”

Astrology, as a map of consciousness, shows the nature of a person’s inner drives, motivations, psycho-spiritual needs, their inner strengths and conflicts, which, of course, are encountered “out there” in everyday life. By knowing what is going on within, a person can understand what is going on “out there” in their everyday life. Einstein’s equation E=MC2 tells us matter is energy. Likewise, astrology is a symbolic language of energy that provides archetypal insight into the meaning and purpose of one’s inner life and its reflection in the events and circumstances of everyday life. Astrology also shows the timing of inner cycles of development and reveals how and where those changes will most likely show up in a person’s everyday life.

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