Mark offers astrological counseling, consulting, readings, profiles, text reports and annual forecasts of developmental themes at affordable rates.  Private instruction is also available.  These individualized services are not generic, computer generated reports, which amount to nothing more than a confused printout of contradictions.  The reason why computer generated reports lack value and significance is because astrology is both an art and a science.  Computers are used to gather and sort the data, but they are incapable of synthesizing it in a structured and coherent fashion.

BioPhoto Mark BancroftTranspersonal Astrology is an intuitive art that takes years of study and practice to do effectively.  There are many levels of depth involved.  Essentially, astrology is a highly complex system that is based on a language of symbols.  It can be very easy to become lost and confused by it.  The value of working with an experienced astrologer is that you are able to get to the deeper, more meaningful levels and insights that astrology has to offer you much more quickly and directly than is otherwise possible.

In addition to astrological and spiritual counseling, Mark offers a full line of holistic health and healing services and custom programs. Please visit www.MarkBancroft.com for more information.