Learning Astrology: Step One, Begin Here

The Four Elements

The primary obstacle people encounter when delving into astrology is getting lost in the vast amount of data astrology provides. Even working with a seemingly simple and non-threatening one-page birth chart can quickly take you into a dark swamp of confusion. Don’t despair! There are proven and effective strategies for keeping your grasp on any chart you are working with. To the beginning astrologer, the following starting point should help out:

Do not underestimate the importance of the four basic elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The four elements are the foundation upon which astrology rests. The elements represent four different symbolic worlds, or realms of experience. In fact, you can do a very effective reading working just with the four elements in a chart. This is especially true when there is element imbalance showing up. If one particular element is exceptionally strong in a person’s chart, then a simple discussion of the three other elements (ways to experience and process reality) can inwardly open up entirely new worlds for the person whose chart you’re working with. Simple, elegant, and very powerful. Presented correctly, awareness of the four elements can positively heal and transform a person’s life. It will open new possibilities for them in the present and future, and they can use it to reframe their perception of painful past experiences.

As a beginning student of astrology, the elements are one of your best friends when it comes to learning the art and science of astrology. Working with the elements is also a great way to quickly get started on doing chart readings, knowing you are on solid ground and avoiding unnecessary complexity and confusion.  Starting out with a firm grasp of the four elements will greatly help and accelerate your progress in learning and understanding astrology.

Check back soon, upcoming posts will look at each individual element—its essence, meaning and function within the psyche. Grasping the qualities of the four elements will put you on the high road to becoming a master astrologer! 

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