Planetary Therapy

Planetary Therapy

Developed by Mark Bancroft, MA 

Planetary Therapy image3Planetary Therapy is an exclusive, highly innovate 3-session empowerment program designed to take your healing journey to all new levels, and beyond.  Drawing upon and integrating various fields of study, Planetary Therapy provides a deeply rich and immersive experience into the vast and powerful realm of quantum healing. This level of healing transcends the limitations of the analytical conscious mind and literally opens the doorway to your inner universe.

The experience of Planetary Therapy involves becoming temporarily free of the limitations and restrictions of the personal conscious mind, which represents a mere 5% of the mind’s potential. You also become free of the restrictive nature of linear space and time. Through an ascension technique that Mark has refined over hundreds of inner exploratory sessions, you are guided into a timeless, transpersonal state of consciousness. Once there, you get to  experience, perhaps for the very first time, the vastness of your consciousness, your inner universe.

Using a special ascension-basePlanetary Therapy image2d hypnotic induction, Mark gently guides and energetically lifts you into the timeless realm of Oneness. Your first stop on the Planetary Therapy journey is to know and experience yourself deeply connected to Source energy. You go into a realm of deep peace and connection with everything, including all points in time and space. It is a mystical experience offering bliss and the deepest levels of inner peace. You become connected to everything there is, and, at the same time, you are unattached to any particular thing. You find yourself in a realm beyond the limitations of cause and effect. This restorative state is deeply healing. It provides a sense of renewal and easily lifts the burdens and stresses from your entire mind-body system.

After being freed of energetic heaviness, Mark then guides you through several transformative encounters that link and associate your consciousness to the near-infinite vastness of the physical universe. During this part of your therapeutic journey, you open the doorway to the powerful healing potentials that exist within the transpersonal regions of your consciousness. Opportunity is given for you to dynamically witness and experience Planetary Therapy image1incredible transpersonal healing energy moving in towards the more personal levels of yourself where subconscious fears, doubts, blocks, negative programming, and self-limiting beliefs reside. This gives you the unique experience of actually witnessing and experiencing transpersonal energy being focused and directed onto clearing years, decades, perhaps even lifetimes of personal fears, doubts, and blocks.


Outline of the 3-session Planetary Therapy program:

Planetary Therapy combines transpersonal astrology, hypnotherapy, and spiritual counseling into a series of 3 integrated sessions. In addition to receiving astrological and spiritual counseling at each session, hypnosis is used to provide you the direct inner experience of healing and transformation.

I.  Consultation and Co-planning session. During the consultation, Mark will work with you to develop a clear picture of what your aims, goals, and objectives are regarding healing and empowerment. He will share with you the specifics of Planetary Therapy, how it works, and what you can expect. You will be given several easy-to-use visualization/ guided imagery exercises you can begin using to prepare yourself for your journey into Planetary Therapy. Depending on your background with meditation and self-hypnosis, Mark may also invite you to experience a light altered state of consciousness at the end of the consultation and co-planning session to familiarize you with the experience. The Planetary Therapy sessions are are approximately 90 minutes long.

II. Planetary Therapy Session #1:  Renewal & Restoration. Session one focuses on establishing renewal and restoration deep within yourself and all the areas of your life. A new inner foundation becomes established for you to help you create, know, and experience positive change and transformation. You experience your energy system reocnnected to Source energy and a clearer, more centered state of being is established.

III. Planetary Therapy Session #2:   Clearing & Releasement. Session two expands on the first session by serving to clear and release subconscious blocks using the Planetary Therapy healing and empowerment process. A deep sense of renewed hope and inspiration are established that combine with the inner experience of limitations, fears and doubts being cleared from your energy system.

IV. Planetary Therapy Session #3: Integration & Wholeness. With fear and doubt released from your energy system, session three establishes you in acceptance and connection to Life and the eternal present moment. From this place of wholeness, you know and experience yourself being in touch with your fullest potential. A specially developed “spatial energetic alignment” technique is then used to orient you towards moving in the direction that is in direct support and alignment to your soul’s intentions for this lifetime.     

Program Cost with handouts and materials:  $360  

Planetary Therapy draws from an assortment of various fields, including quantum physics, depth psychology, out-of-body-experience OBE, transpersonal astrology, astrophysics, altered states of consciousness, integral theory, mysticism, and more. The Planetary Therapy program is based on Mark’s 20+ years of experience as a transpersonal astrologer, hypnotherapist, and spiritual counselor. Combined with his strong academic background and training, Planetary Therapy is truly innovate and unique by design.

Planetary Therapy image4For more information or to begin your Planetary Therapy healing and empowerment journey, call or e-mail Mark today.

Mark Bancroft, MA