Mark offers a comprehensive selection of astrology services. His most popular services include:

Life Path & Life Direction
Discover where the fundamental energies of your psyche are constellated, their dialogue, and the direction to take in life to ensure greater balance, integration, and wholeness.  Learn about the major, life-shaping themes and which areas of life support inner development, and which ones do not.  Vividly see where the direction for growth, aliveness, and positive challenge are to be found for you.  Chart themes, meta-themes, synthesis, and biopsychic script material are reviewed to give clarity on the nature of your life path and the direction it leads.

Vocational/Career Astrology
This reading (or report) provides a comprehensive review on many levels of Self related to career, work, calling, purpose, and vocation.  The focus is on the public self and the public image as it relates to work and career. Affirm the essential nature of your career and find out how to most directly experience career satisfaction, authenticity, and success. Resolve challenging blocks such as inexplicable doubt or fear tied to assertiveness and self-expression in this life area. Develop synthesis between your public self, your style of self-expression, and your inner self.

Understand your inner needs, drives, and motivations surrounding personal relationships. Reveal and find out how to resolve internal conflicts, struggles, and challenging patterns in relationships. Obtain clarity on inner drives of attraction, affection, security, emotional needs, and communication styles in intimate relationships.  Understand this part of your life better and find out what you can do to consciously create a healthy, loving relationship in your life. Synastry analysis, house transposition, and composite chart anaylsis/synthesis are incorporated to bring deep levels of awareness and healing to a specific relationship, a marriage, or partnership.

Your Astrological Profile
Explore the nature and interactions taking place between your core identity (solar self), your subjective self (soul), and the image of the personality (persona). This astrological profile looks at the attunement to the realms of thought, emotion, inspiration, and physicality. It includes a review of 12 major life areas and highlights ways to make a healthy response to each. Clients receive insightful and highly useful information that is helpful throughout their life.

Astrology for Parents & the Family
Exceptional insight is provided into understanding the core drives, needs, and motivations of your child. Includes a review of areas highlighted for development and opportunity, natural talents and abilities, potential areas of challenge, learning and communication style, emotional needs, and, psychospiritual direction.  This reading, or report, is aimed at helping the parent better understand and relate to the essential nature of their child with deeper appreciation and clear insight. It is very useful when addressing behavior, motivation, emotions, and learning dynamics. Family readings, or reports, are also available that examine the interactions taking place between each family member and of the family as a whole.

Your 12-Month Forecast
Become aware of the developmental themes, opportunities, and potential challenges unfolding during the next 12 months ahead. This annual forecast will help you discover how you can most effectively make a healthy, strong response to the growth, challenges, and opportunities that lie ahead. Discover which parts of the psyche are coming into play and which life areas are being spotlighted for development. Get in touch with the timing of natural cycles and rhythms that affect your inner self and your outer life.

Astrocartography (Relocation astrology)
Astrocartography is a useful and effective way for determining the favorability of different locations around the world based on your birth chart. An astrocartography reading allows you to discover what the planetary (energetic) effects are of your current living location, whether they are positive, neutral or negative. From there, other geographical locations are recommended that may well prove to be more beneficial to you. In addition to providing insight and direction for relocating to another area, astrocartography is also used to find one’s “power places” around the world, which serves to reveal optimum travel locations-places that are in unique energetic alignment to support you in the experiences you wish to enjoy for yourself.

Direct Inquiry Topic
You decide what you would like to know more about. An astrological inquiry is made using a wide variety of methods and techniques to generate awareness, direction, clarity, and understanding into the nature of the chosen topic or concern. The topic inquiry can relate to things that are going on now in the present, or can be made into things that occurred in the past. You can also inquire into future potentialities as well.

2024 Rates

Comprehensive Astrological Reading:  $150  (90 minutes)

Detailed 12-month Astrological Forecast. Looks at all major and most minor transits and progressions taking place during a 12-month period; includes Solar Return chart and lifespan declination graph.  $150 (90 minutes)

Comprehensive Astrological Reading with Detailed 12-month Astrological Forecast. Recommended for first-time clients. Presented as two 90-minute appointments, in-person or by phone, Zoom or Skype.  $280 (save $20)

Astrological & Spiritual Counseling Session:  $150 (90 minutes)

Astrocartography Reading:  $150 (90 minutes)

Planetary Therapy (3-session program with 1-hour planning session):  $450

Astrology Reading on CD or MP3:  $170 each (90 minutes on 2 CDs, or MP3)

Learn Astrology/ Private Instruction:  $120 per session (60 minutes)

Astrology Training & Instruction for Therapists, Counselors and other Healing Arts Practitioners:  $120 per session (60 minutes)

Note:  First-time clients receive a free 40+ page PDF guidebook on astrology (upon request). The guidebook you receive is custom tailored to your birth chart and includes a wealth of information you can use to learn and understand astrology.

Appointments available in-person at Mark’s office in Nevada City, CA. Mark also sees many clients by phone, Zoom, and Skype. 

Copies of all applicable charts are included. Forecast readings include charts and a detailed printout of event dates.

Gift certificates available!

Payment Methods: Venmo, PayPal, Check, Money Order, Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover

If you are interested in finding out more about astrology and how it can help you, please call Mark at (530) 274-2020; or email: