Key Areas of Astrology


Transpersonal Astrology can provide depth of insight into the talents, natural affinities and abilities that a person can most easily draw upon and apply in the area of career, vocation, one’s calling (vocation) and one’s role or purpose in the outer world. It can show where the inner strengths are and how best to apply them. Potential areas of challenge or restriction are revealed as well, along with how to move past them. Astrology is commonly used to help people see clearly the career path that offers the greatest prospects for meaning, self-expression, success, balance and overall enjoyment.

A highly valuable purpose of astrology is to show how an individual can inwardly work with their inner nature to restore and increase balance to the body, one’s physical self. Astrology can show how a person’s mind and emotions are most likely directly affecting their physical body and physical health. The awareness that astrology is capable of providing about the nature of the mind, body and emotions makes it much easier to consciously create the conditions that ensure physical healing, health and vitality.

Astrology is very good at giving unparalleled insight into the flow, exchange and interaction of energy taking place between a parent and child, between siblings, and within the family as a whole. Using astrology in this way, a person can more clearly understand the key personality dynamics taking place within the family. Astrology’s incredible depth of perspective allows for each person’s uniqueness to be honored, understood, and appreciated much more fully than any other psychological model available. Astrology can provide clear understanding into the nature of communication styles and patterns, methods of assertiveness, emotional needs and key personality characteristics that are present and which play such a critical role in family relationships.

A lot can be done using astrology to help someone heal or simply understand a particular relationship in their life better. This applies to marriages, partnerships, spouses, in-laws, friends and partners. Astrology can help a person understand their own needs in this area, the other’s needs, and how the two people can work together to create a healthy relationship. Astrology can put perspective on matters that persistently cause difficulty between two people and can show how to resolve the problem. Communication, sexuality, assertiveness, emotional needs can readily be explored.

Self-Awareness & Life Direction:
As renowned astrologer Steven Forrest states, astrology can show the happiest life available to us and the tools we have within ourselves to bring it about. In just one or two sessions a person can obtain enough understanding to literally avoid years of stumbling around trying to figure out and sort out the phony truths and empty dreams they’ve come to accept.