Uses of Astrology

Uses of Transperonal Astrology

Transpersonal Astrology is especially helpful for:

•  People who are at a crossroads in their life, either by choice or forced circumstance.  Astrology can provide insight to those who are at a fork in the road of their life path and need to make a decision on which way to go.  Astrology can give detailed information describing the path that offers the greatest potential for happiness and is in alignment with the person’s inner nature.

•  An individual interested in Self-knowledge and in understanding themselves and their life better.  Astrology, as a method of Self-exploration, can show key personality traits and fundamental talents that can be developed and consciously integrated to live a more rewarding, balanced and fulfilling life.

•  Any person experiencing difficulties in self-expression.  These blocks can include creativity and creative expression, as well as areas of assertiveness and interpersonal communication.  Astrology is especially helpful for resolving self-doubt, fear, and self-limitations related to being and expressing oneself in the world.

•  Those who have been dealing with recurring problems, annoying patterns, or vexing personality traits that just don’t go away and that seem to be unresolvable despite the person’s best efforts to overcome them.  Astrology can give a person the key needed to unlock the conflict, or block, in order to experience greater freedom.

•  Anyone feeling stuck or not sure what to do in their life, in both general or specific ways.

•  A person looking for perspective and a personalized solution for feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, or who is experiencing prolonged periods of low vitality, low energy and lack of enthusiasm.

•  Someone that is at a difficult time in their life and would like inner answers or awareness to sort things out and get a sense of where things are at and how best to proceed forward.  This includes periods of life transition, such as: illness, divorce, retirement, job loss, sudden or unexpected change in one’s life structure, career setbacks, etc.

•  Therapists, counselors, or anyone else in the healing arts profession.  Astrology brings a depth and level of context and perspective that, as Carl Jung discovered, can illuminate the path to healing and wholeness for the client.