Mark’s Bancroft’s professional help has proven to be invaluable for myself, my family, and the friends I have referred to him.  He has assisted us in understanding specific dynamics of individual relationships, suggested applicable actions that promoted physical healing, and brought insight into future planning for the betterment of our lives.

By taking the time to carefully listen and hear me as an individual, he has helped me personally make sense of my own strengths, challenges, good times, and grief.  Also, by implementing his helpful understanding into the depth of who my husband and child are,  I feel I have become a better wife and mother.

In this ever-changing world we live in, with so many issues for us all to deal with, I am so grateful to have met Mark Bancroft. He has been there (and has gone the extra mile) to kindly support myself, and those I love, each on our own special and unique soul journey.

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